ABOUT SANJAY – Sanjay Bhatia is an entrepreneur and small business owner living in Brampton, Ontario. He believes that an entrepreneur lights the flame that lives within. Sanjay was born and raised in Delhi, India and was taught the importance of hard work and community service at an early age. He was politically inclined and saw university politics as a learning ground and also as an opportunity to add his voice to the bigger political discourse. After graduating, Sanjay joined his family business of Import and Export. His work took him to many places, broadened his horizon. In the year 2007, Sanjay settled in Canada with his wife and son. Sanjay started his Journey in Canada making Brampton as his home, since then Sanjay lives in Brampton. Sanjay is now the business owner of a successful transport company. He is also the founder of My Indians in Canada Association, which is a non-profit organization that brings communities together. Sanjay has worked at the grass root level for the Conservative party of Canada and is passionate about creating an inclusive, thriving society that upholds all the values that Canada stands for. Sanjay is Candidate of Record 2019, Davenport (Toronto) for the Member of Parliament, Conservative Party of Canada.

Canada is a land of opportunity and has given Sanjay everything which he dreamed of whilst also fulfilling his goals. Brampton North is a diverse riding & also his home riding; Sanjay has decided to run for this riding as he thinks that residents of Brampton North need change with new vision and thought to be processed and implemented.

Being a community activist Sanjay has worked and volunteered with many groups, understanding their issues and bringing them successful results. Sanjay has volunteered with many organizations as an esteemed member and also worked with the Conservative party as a volunteer since 2016.

Sanjay is seeking nomination to be the candidate for Member of Parliament from Bampton North for Conservative Party of Canada.

Sanjay stands for:

  • Economic Recovery and Job Growth
  • Effective COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout
  • Safe Communities
  • Support Seniors & Families
  • Affordable Housing
  • Compassionate and Fair IMMIGRATION 

Sanjay will be happy to address any question/suggestions you may have. Do not hesitate to reach out to him directly or send him an email.

Let’s build a better Brampton North together.

Know Your Conservative Candidate. Sanjay Bhatia